• COO, Managing Director Technology, Electromobility

Automotive Tier 1 Supplier: sensors, data flow, control technology

• CTO, Board member, systems for network consolidation in telecommunications

to expand the infrastructure

• Senior consultant, Investment manager for private equity, no operational management responsibilit

From / for the SME industry of production, mechanical engineering, components

• Head of Controlling

Reports to GM / owner, manufacturer of electrical equipment, projects up to US $ 10 million, global sourcing, local manufacturing (in the heart of Germany/NRW), global sales

• R&D Manager, devices for optical measurement technology

With experience from precision / machine tool construction

• Perspectively 2021/22: Managing Director international sales

80% export, heavy machinery and plant engineering. With experience from the offshore oil-gas-wind environment

• Perspective from mid-2021: Head of capacity planning / project coordination

Large-scale plant construction (construction time 2 to 5 years)
Must: Experience with permanent innovation during the order processing time

Further positions to be filled in perspective on request


Head or database?

“If you send your application to a headhunter, it is more than likely it will just land in their database. That doesn’t get you anywhere, as you are unlikely to surface from there again. How often have you send off your application? And how many suitable jobs have you been offered? How many companies have sent you a personal invitation? So, you see, it just doesn’t work. You have to get into the headhunter’s head!

Best chances

How many people can you remember if you don’t have regular contact with them? 30? certainly, 100? maybe, 500? definitely not. That is why you have to become one of your headhunter’s top 100 candidates.

And if you also have a relation to an executive search consultant who is specialised in

  • your expertise,
  • your favoured positions,
  • your favoured companies,
  • or at least in your favoured industry,

then your chances increase dramatically. So give your consultant a call! Otherwise you will (only) end up in his or her database.

Heads of department to CEOs

If you are aiming for a management role in the technical industry, then our service could help you and your career. Our service is especially focused on management professionals with a technical or scientific background. Then you will fit well into the Top 100 in my head.

I look forward to your call.

Wolfgang Erdmann